4 Major Historical Spots In PA That Every American Should Visit!

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies and was the second state to ratify the constitution. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted in Philadelphia, in Independence Hall. This historical area has walking tours to education people on what was happening back then. There are many, many historical sites to discover and learn about. Here are a few of them...

#1. Gettysburg


Who doesn't know about Gettysburg? Most people do, and it's a very interesting place to visit. There was a lot of trauma during the war, of course, so there are also many instances or stories of hauntings. For those of you who love ghost hunting or tours, there is the Farnsworth House Inn, Dobbin House Tavern (both are bed and breakfast inns), and the Jennie Wade House (which is now a museum), just to name a few. If you look on the outside of the some of the buildings, you can see bullet holes from the war.

The Visitor Center is nearby with many artifacts from the war and the town itself. It is free to enter but some activities do require purchasing a ticket, like films, a private car tour with a guide who rides with you, bus tours through the battlefield, and more. If you tour the battlefield on your own, you can take your time and spend the day visiting different areas.

#2. Historic Philadelphia Trail


You can tour many historical buildings, get free tickets to Independence Hall (where the Constitution was signed), and purchase attraction tickets at the Independence Visitor Center. You can see the Liberty Bell, visit many different museums, and see where the congress met in the early days. Close by is the Rocky statue from the first Rocky movie, which is located at the bottom of the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Those are the steps he ran up in the movie.

#3. Eastern State Penitentiary


This former prison, the most expensively built one at the time, welcomed its first inmate in 1829. After many escape attempts and riots, the penitentiary closed in the beginning of 1970. The famous gangster Al Capone spent eight months here, and it is a well known ghost hunting destination and is supposedly very haunted. It's been featured on ghost hunting shows on tv. It is open for tours every day of the year.

#4. The Amish Experience


Want to know how the Amish live/lived? In Bird-in-Hand, PA, you can go on a guided Amish tour of Amish farmlands! The tour is on a shuttle bus with air conditioning where you can see different sights that are rarely seen and hear about the history of the land. They have shops and roadside stands along the way, and you get a free Amish cookbook on the tour. You can purchase regular tickets for a farmland tour, combo tickets that include everything, or VIP tour tickets. The VIP tour is much more expensive, but you get to actually visit 3 properties and spend time with a real Amish family, talk to them, and see how they live.