Getting Into Gear For 2017!

Pennsylvania, the home of our forefathers and so much more!  Having lived on the east coast for over 20 years, I have to say that there are nooks and crannies of PA and surrounding areas that I hold extremely dear.  If you are from the West Coast, you may not... love Pennsylvania.  Especially at first!  But like all amazing things, it can take a while before you settle into this part of the country.

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If you don't know exactly where to start, start with all the places mentioned there.  There is so much sightseeing to do here but due to the cold weather, Pennsylvania doesn't receive the credit it deserves.  However, if you love the seasons, we get beautiful colors all year round.  Kids love playing in the snow, digging their parents cars out from underneath it.  There quaint suburbs here and nature never looks prettier than it does here during spring time.  Of course, you have the fall as well, indicating the coming of new seasons and new tides... it's a poem in the making.  

Of course, that reminds me all the cool thing that you can do with the whole family as well like hanging out at the local parks and going boating, fishing, and kayaking.  Of course, if you're an ethusiast, you can inveset in one of your own kayaks.  I found an interesting article that lists best kayaks of 2017 and they all look fabulous.  If you have children, you may want to look into buy 2-3 solid ones (if long term use) or one that can seat three people.  Of course, you can scour some in general at Killer Kayaks or which has an array of some interesting kayaks.

With all of that stated, please remember that we are headed into 2017 full steam.  We have a HOST of really lovely topics that will be exploring  Pennsylvania in-depth, park by park, piece by piece, restaurant by restaurant (oh, yes!)  If you have any ideas or want a particular topic covered, please drop us a line.  Thank you!