Unhappy Weather Situation

Man, I sure do miss living on the west coast now that I've moved east for a while. The weather here has been crazy and I can never be confident in the fact that spring is here. Every time I am, some cold weather moves in or some snow, and I wonder what the heck is happening!


For now, I've decided to sit and read an electric lawn mower review or two so that I can be ready for when the grass starts growing fast. I've had both electric and gas mowers, and the electric ones do the job very well and I don't have to breathe in nasty gas fumes.


I gave my last one to my mother because it was so light she could carry it into storage for the winter. She really loved it when she was visiting and I was mowing my lawn. I moved here to help her out since I'm the only family she has, but I do not like the weather here!