misc · 2017-05-02 · Ron

I've had my own medical practice for a year now and my office has gotten quite busy. I realized I had to hire some General Practitioner interns to help me handle all the patients I see. I'm a specialist, and I have them do basic checkups and exams so I can focus more on patients with severe health problems. I see about ten patients a day myself, but I also have to do the lab results and make sure everything is running smoothly.


Since my office is so busy, patients oftentimes have to wait 10-20 minutes once they are inside the rooms, and about 15 minutes in the waiting room. I try to be as fast as I can, but it doesn't always work out like that. In the waiting room, there is a tv for people to watch to help pass the time or so they won't get bored. But there was silence in the patient rooms, so I started thinking of some solutions for that.



A friend, who is also a doctor, said he plays audio with medical messages that patients can listen to while they wait. I hired Studio C after he recommended them to me, but I wanted to do something better. I wanted short messages played about different conditions and their symptoms so people could listen and not only ease the boredom, but learn about different medical ailments.


They did such a great job and they were very professional, taking the time to listen to exactly what I wanted. Now I play these messages for patients and a few have already told me that they know someone with the symptoms they heard. They can then go tell these people about what they've learned so they can go to the doctor themselves. I can help even more people this way!