Hersheypark Tour

Thinking of visiting Hersheypark this spring or summer? This video will give you a look inside so you can get a little preview, in case you're someone who has never been there before. Enjoy!

Historical Building Floors

Historical buildings are an important part of the world, reminding us of the old days and what happened when our ancestors lived. In this light, it is extremely important to preserve them, so that their history will be evident from one generation to the next. A key part of conserving these buildings is ensuring that good, high-quality floors are maintained without losing the aesthetic factor and interfering with history.

In this regard, there would be nothing as beautiful as having shiny epoxy floors installed in such buildings. Usually, these floors are resin coatings that are applied to concrete floors, resulting in a smooth, durable, easy to clean, and high-performance surface. These floors are reliable because they cannot be damaged and stained, so they will last a long time, keeping the historical building looking updated, yet not majorly changing the building itself. 

The fact that these floors are able to overcome heavy loads makes it easier to maintain a clean, beautiful floor after the many people who will be going in and out as they visit. It ensures that the floors are always in perfect condition.

It certainly would be a health hazard if visitors came to tour these historical buildings, only to be met with worn out, rough and dusty floors. So it is advisable to keep them shiny, strong, and safe by applying an epoxy coating. These floors require minimal maintenance and are cheap to install, thus saving on money and time.

There are various advantages of epoxy coated floors. The epoxy coating creates a high gloss surface, increasing the floor's brightness by up to 200%. Considering the many people who would be visiting these buildings, it would be great to consider slipperiness as a safety measure. With epoxy floors however, safety is enhanced by the fact that these floors can also be installed with materials that create an anti-slip surface. 

When it comes to installation, these floors are easy and quick to install, meaning you spend less time and employ less labor. With that being said, the building can be reopened a lot faster, so that more tourists can visit. They have some really beautiful epoxy flooring installation in San Diego at certain historical places.


The epoxy finishing is very ideal for giving a new look to an old floor like those of historic buildings. There is little maintenance needed for these floors, and they won't damage the previous floors that have been in existence for quite some time. 

The epoxy finishing can be applied in different patterns so that visitors can more easily identify pathways and drive ways within the historic buildings and surroundings. Patterns can also be made to create an ancient-times kind of a view and memory, connecting both old and current times. 

Unhappy Weather Situation

Man, I sure do miss living on the west coast now that I've moved east for a while. The weather here has been crazy and I can never be confident in the fact that spring is here. Every time I am, some cold weather moves in or some snow, and I wonder what the heck is happening!


For now, I've decided to sit and read an electric lawn mower review or two so that I can be ready for when the grass starts growing fast. I've had both electric and gas mowers, and the electric ones do the job very well and I don't have to breathe in nasty gas fumes.


I gave my last one to my mother because it was so light she could carry it into storage for the winter. She really loved it when she was visiting and I was mowing my lawn. I moved here to help her out since I'm the only family she has, but I do not like the weather here!

Getting Into Gear For 2017!

Pennsylvania, the home of our forefathers and so much more!  Having lived on the east coast for over 20 years, I have to say that there are nooks and crannies of PA and surrounding areas that I hold extremely dear.  If you are from the West Coast, you may not... love Pennsylvania.  Especially at first!  But like all amazing things, it can take a while before you settle into this part of the country.

Have you taken a glance at two of our best articles yet?

1. 4 Major Historical Spots In PA That Every American Should Visit!

2. Camelback Mountain Ski Resort

If you don't know exactly where to start, start with all the places mentioned there.  There is so much sightseeing to do here but due to the cold weather, Pennsylvania doesn't receive the credit it deserves.  However, if you love the seasons, we get beautiful colors all year round.  Kids love playing in the snow, digging their parents cars out from underneath it.  There quaint suburbs here and nature never looks prettier than it does here during spring time.  Of course, you have the fall as well, indicating the coming of new seasons and new tides... it's a poem in the making.  

Of course, that reminds me all the cool thing that you can do with the whole family as well like hanging out at the local parks and going boating, fishing, and kayaking.  Of course, if you're an ethusiast, you can inveset in one of your own kayaks.  I found an interesting article that lists best kayaks of 2017 and they all look fabulous.  If you have children, you may want to look into buy 2-3 solid ones (if long term use) or one that can seat three people.  Of course, you can scour some in general at Killer Kayaks or www.2personkayak.com which has an array of some interesting kayaks.

With all of that stated, please remember that we are headed into 2017 full steam.  We have a HOST of really lovely topics that will be exploring  Pennsylvania in-depth, park by park, piece by piece, restaurant by restaurant (oh, yes!)  If you have any ideas or want a particular topic covered, please drop us a line.  Thank you!


Pennsylvania Living

Since moving to Pennsylvania a few years ago, I have been able to fully explore the state and what it has to offer. I feel very privileged to be surrounded by the most beautiful scenic views. My most favorite thing about the state is its rich historical background. Pennsylvania is actually known as the Keystone State because it served as a connection between the southern and northern parts of the original colonies.

Experiencing four seasons throughout the year has been amazing since it has allowed me to enjoy plenty of seasonal activities. Spring has always been my favorite season. I'm not a huge fan of winter and I am very eager for spring to arrive. I hate being surrounded by snow because I feel less productive in a cold environment and always end up feeling uninspired because of the lack of sunshine.

Speaking about spring, I'm actually very excited to use the electric lawn mower which I bought last year after reading a Mow Like A Champ review . I love it because it's very convenient and easy to use. All I have to do is push a button and it would automatically turn on with no hassle at all and it doesn't require gas to function! Since the mower is cordless, I needed to keep the battery inside to make sure it would remain charged during the winter. I wanted to prevent it from freezing over and it's a great way to keep the battery safe.

I have never owned an electric lawn mower which performs as good as the Worx WG789 cordless one I have now. I am very pleased with how it operates flawlessly and keeps my lawn looking tidy. It's definitely one of the best investments I have made for my home since it provides convenience, ease of use and exceptional results. I have also influenced my friends and family to give it a try since I truly believe it would also be beneficial to them.

Living in Pennsylvania for the past few years has made me realize that although the state is located in a relatively small space, it still has plenty of amazing attractions to offer. We actually have 120 state parks and 18 national parks which are all very impressive. My favorite place to visit is the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. It has the most picturesque view of the mountains and the lake. I love visiting there whenever I feel stressed out from work since it really calms my mind.

I am also a huge fan of the museums scattered around the state. I frequent it during the weekends since I am a massive history and arts buff. Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums and the Franklin Institute have made me appreciate its culture even more. And as a chocolate lover, I feel very privileged to be living in the state where Hershey's, Sarris and Godiva are made!

Worst Cities In PA?

We want to be fair, so now that we've shown you the BEST parts of PA, we will show you the WORST parts as well. Let's all face reality and realize nothing and nowhere can be perfect.

Camelback Mountain Ski Resort

Winter is here, so why not take advantage of this beautiful Pennsylvania skiing resort! It's really the only fun thing to do in the winter, as well as snowboarding and sledding, so let this video create some excitement for your wintery getaway!